Alexa Flash Briefings Setup for Business

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Promote your business on voice

Let us help you publish a flash briefing for current or potential customers to subscribe to via their audio Alexa device or app. They will hear your voice, or Alexa can read your written text and you'll be heard in homes and offices, right there on their speaker. If you produce a podcast this service is for you too.

Order your setup here and then you'll be able to use our $69 per month service (includes hosting and upload) to publish your flash briefings - we do all the technical bits!

We recommend daily to get your presence established, but you can do a weekly one, or whatever routine suits your business. 

Would you like to be an early adopter of a trend that is going to be off the charts? We say early, but there are 50,000,000 adult users of smart speaker already! Get this though, there's only around 5000 Alexa Flash Briefings for users to choose from, so they want more content!


Pretty sweet way to promote events, announcements, industry trends, news and reminders don't you think?

This is prime real estate going real cheap, and there's a opportunity right now to get your business established on voice and heard. We're an Australian business, but we're here to help no matter where you are in the world. 

What you'll do

Think of this as a daily Facebook post on your business page, or a video you add to your business Youtube channel, or you can link this to your podcasts you already produce.

It is SO simple to have your skill be heard in homes and businesses around the world when users listen to their flash briefing. You'll email some text, or record your voice on your phone or device and send it in to your custom email address. We publish it daily and manage the technical side of your flash briefing.

How do people hear it?

You'll be promoting your daily flash briefing (which is a skill people enable in the Amazon Skill App Store) in a few ways. 

  • Email your subscribers the link and ask them to add it to their daily flash briefing
  • Potential customers and new listeners find you in the Amazon Skills Store via keyword searches or popularity
  • Tell the world via your social media platforms that you have a daily flash briefing available and why people should enable it

Alexa Flash Briefing

What about the content?

There is really no limit to what you can put out there and this is for EVERY industry, EVERY business. Some examples:

Dog Walking Business: Daily tip for grooming, feeding, training your dog 

Accountancy Firm: Links to articles on your blog, tax time reminders, helpful advice for small business owners.

You might like to include announcements like sales, news updates, reminders about new deals coming soon, product announcements, or even keep it light and offer daily tips, advice, motivation or jokes to make your customers laugh. 

What does it cost? 

You'll pay an initial setup fee of $350 (one-off) then a monthly fee of $69 to host your briefing and have us manage the back end of the process for you.


  • Skill testing
  • Unlimited data storage
  • Quality assurance
  • Ongoing support 
  • Listing in Alexa Skill Store and
  • Content creation training/guide
  • No contract - cancel anytime

Getting Started 

Once you order, Vanessa will  be in touch to help you through the very simple process:

1. Choose a skill name i.e. "Doggy Daily with (XX YOUR BUSINESS NAME XX)

2. Decide your skill logo (jpg or png) to appear with your skill anywhere it is promoted online including

3. Short description of 2 - 3 sentences describing your skill, what it is for or what it does and why users should enable it to their flash briefing (your value to the customer)

4. We set up your email address to send text content to, or an audio account to post your files to. 

5. We test and develop your skill (2-3 days) then wait for Amazon to review and approve (2-5 days). 

We've simplified the process for you so you can have an Amazon Alexa Flash Briefing up and running in no time. Voice is so new, but it is going to be everything so get your business on board now.

Don't just rely on social  media and your email subscriber list to reach your customers. Generate valuable content and give it away for free, and you'll cement your brand, business and reputation with your listeners. 

Just order now and you'll pay your setup fee upfront. We will invoice you monthly for your account or you can request a 12 month upfront payment so you can set and forget and focus on your content and marketing. 

You'll get help with your content via our Flash Briefing Content Guide so you know how to format, write or read it and we'll keep you updated with new ideas, trends and support along the way. Once you've singed up we will send you a terms of use document to check and sign and get cracking!