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Pink Logo Designs

Here at the lab we are based in Australia and we are lucky in that we have a huge range of industries and businesses that approach us for their logo and branding needs. We've designed logos for excavation companies and builders, dentists, gymnastics clubs, pet care services, property investors, mortgage brokers, furniture companies and even honey producers. Sometimes when I go to write a blog post or a social media post, I find it hard to group them together by any category! 

Today I've decided to share a few logos we designed for Australian businesses that have a touch of pink in them. 

When selecting colours for logo designs, it is often the case that less is more. Pink can be paired nicely with quite a few colours and the result is often a striking balance of fun and professionalism!

First cab off the rank is the logo we did for The Cakeologist. It is SO simple, but just really captures the industry and niche of the business perfectly. 



Pink Logo Australian business


The second pink logo design I'd like to show you is a recent project for Inspired Synergy. This business includes services such as Reiki, Intuitive Relaxation Massage, EFT & Flower Essence and Essential Oils. Again, we used pink, but blended into a light purple in this logo design, not to brighten, but rather to soften and "calm" the logo design. The graphic element pairs perfectly with the relaxed font and is positioned in a gentle balance and able to be used separately to the wordmark for other branding purposes if required.  

Inspired Synergy Pink Logo design



The third pink logo design I'm sharing today is for Flicker and Bloom, a wedding industry business which hires marquee lights for wedding and functions as well as artificial flower arrangements. The pink was a fun way to brighten up the overall logo, text and provide some contrast when used on a white background. 



Flicker and Bloom logo



The next pink logo I wanted to share is one we designed for Australian business Sweets by Alana. I think we nailed it given the logo looks almost tasty! You can't really get more pink than this one :) 



Pink Logo Sweets by Alana Australia



When I was searching my files for pink logos to share, this gem popped up and it made the cut right away. Why? Because it is just FUN. There are many elements to this logo design for Time For You Interactive Music and Play, again another design that can be used as a wordmark or just the graphic element on it's own. You can see touches of pink in the business name, and in the illustration. It isn't overwhelming and doesn't take away from the overall colour-balance with the blues, yellows, reds and purples keeping the overall design fun, vibrant and alive with activity. 


Kids Pink Logo Design


If you haven't been pinked-out yet, what do you think of this one? We designed this circular style logo for Cheer and Cherish, another children's industry business. The pink is a gentle smear blended into the blue, and I think this logo really shows how well you can combine professional elegance with playfulness and messy fun. 



Circular Logo Design Pink



I wanted to wrap this blog post up showing how pink can be utilised in professional industry branding too, such as accounting, just as effectively as in industries associated with services for children. Here, we've kept the lines bold and sharp but the pink balances the black out to give this logo for an accounting business something different without losing the professional feel.

Accounting Logo Pink

So, as you can see, pink can be used in logo designs in a range of ways. Pink logos can offer a way to brighten or enhance, balance or soften, excite or sharpen a logo design without losing appeal, style or class. 

We love designing custom logos for all industries and I hope this logo inspires you to give pink a chance whether you're planning your new brand or start-up logo, pondering a refresh of your current logo design, or creating logos for a client. 

~ Vanessa Hamilton 


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