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The Evolution of a Logo Design

If you're wondering what the process of designing a custom logo looks like, then this article is for you. Here, I'll show the evolution of one of The Little Logo Lab's client logos from initial concept to final design.

Phase One - Brief and Initial Concepts

The information we started with for this client was:

Business Name
Northern Tilt-Up Pty Ltd
Building and Construction
Who is your target audience?
Describe your Product or Services that you offer
Provide Precast and Tilt-up wall panels for industrial sheds, warehouses, Office buildings and Multi-Story building construction

And our initial concepts we delivered looked like this...

Logo design process


Phase Two - Feedback and Revisions

Our client provided written feedback on a range of elements from the designs and requested some colour changes too. Below you can see four revisions of the concept logos.


revised logo designs

Phase Three - Final Tweaks and Finalise Files 

This second batch of revisions brought us closer to our final version, the bottom left logo was modified slightly and Voilà! The final logo for Northern Tilt-Up was born...

finalised logo design

We set you up with a range of high-resolution files of your logo so you're set for print, web and any other application you can think of!

logo file types

Thanks for reading. If you need a logo for your business, we would love to guide you through the process!

~ Vanessa 



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